Icebreaker «KAPITAN PLAKHIN» pr. 1105

  • Class notation:
    «М-СП» 3,0 (ледокол)А
  • Length overall, m:
  • Breadth overall, m:
  • Depth, m:
  • Draught, m:
  • Displacement, t:
  • Type of ship:

    Diesel electric icebreaker.
  • Customer:

    Wartsila Vostok LLC.
  • Design work:

    replacement of engines of main diesel generator sets №1, №3.

Our company has designed technical documentation for the modernization of the ship:

  • Architectural - constructive type of ship.

  • One-decked, closed steel ship with a forecastle and fore wheelhouse.

  • The ship is equipped one diesel engine with a fixed-pitch propeller.

  • The hull of the ship has simple contours with two edges along the entire length of the ship.

  • The hull has 4 transverse bulkheads into five watertight compartments.