m/v «ARCTICA» pr.488

  • RS Class notation:
    КМ(★) L1 [1] AUT2 fishing vessel
  • Length overall, m:
  • Breadth overall, m:
  • Depth, m:
  • Draught, m:
  • Displacement, t:
  • Type of ship:

  • Customer:

    "Arkhangelsk trawl fleet", JSC
  • Design work:

    Modernization of the ship. There were follow design works: re-equipment of the fish-processing factory, re-equipment of the 1st hold, installation of insulation in the holds, installation of the new cooling system of the holds, installation of the boiler and desalination plant, installation of the satellite antenna, modernization of the refrigeration unit, conventional ship documentation.

Our company has designed technical and detailed documentation for the modernization of the ship:

  • Re-equipment of the fish-processing factory.

    Part of the cabins were dismantled, the room was re-equipment to fish-processing factory, additional 4 freezers apparatus were installed.
  • Re-equipment of the 1st hold.

    Three fore fuel oil tanks were demounted. The volume of the 1st hold increased by ~ 300 m3.
  • Installation of insulation in the holds.

    The new insulation was installed in the holds №1 and №3.
  • Installation of the new cooling system of the holds.

    The new cooling system for holds No. 1, 2, 3 was installed. Coolers were replaced; a new ventilation system for holds No. 1, 2 was installed to allow carrying of fish meal.
  • Replacement of the boiler and desalination plant.

    The auxiliary steam boiler of the model (MIC) ESH 6.3 was replaced with an ALFA LAVAL steam boiler ALBORG OM 8000 type with a KBE-650 burner. The desalination plant SVA 25 was replaced with the ALFA LAVAL type DPU-2-36-C125.
  • Modernization of the refrigeration unit.

    Re-equipment the fore engine room: an additional compressor, receiver-storage and related equipment were installed.
  • Installation of the satellite antenna.

    Additional new INTELLIAN v130G satellite antenna was installed on the ship.