m/v «YANTARNY» pr.488

  • RS Class notation:
    КМ(★) L1 [1] AUT2 fishing vessel
  • Length overall, m:
  • Breadth overall, m:
  • Depth, m:
  • Draught, m:
  • Displacement, t:
  • Type of ship:

  • Customer:

  • Design work:

    Modernization of the ship. There were follow design works: replacement of main engines and reduction gear; replacement of a boiler; installation of a satellite antenna; modernization of the refrigeration unit; replacement of separators; installation of a carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system; conventional ship documentation.

Our company has designed technical and detailed documentation for the modernization of the ship:

  • Replacement of the main engines.

    Main engines 6 VDS 48/42 AL-2 with a capacity of 2650 kW replaced with the new engines MAK 6M32E with a capacity of 3480 kW; were installed the new reduction gear, shaft generators and auxiliary equipment.
  • Replacement of ADG №1 and re-equipment of the cooling system of ADG №2.

    Diesel generator 8 VDS 26/20 AL-2 is replaced by new diesel generator CAT C32.
  • Modernization of the fish-processing factory.

    Part of the cabins were dismantled, the room was re-equipment to fishing factory, an additional 6 freezers apparatus were installed.
  • Modernization of the refrigeration unit.

    The refrigerating room was re-equipment, and got additional compressor, two receiver-storage and proper equipment.
  • Re-equipment of the signal mast.

    The existing signal mast was replaced with new one, additional platforms for navigation equipment and the satellite antenna ORBIT OrSat 7103 MKII were installed.
  • Replacement of the separators.

    The existing heavy fuel separators and lubricating oil separators were replaced with new ALFA LAVAL separators.