Fishing trawler project 2220010: stern trawler for bottom fishing

About the fishing trawler project 2220010

The vessel is designed for a year-round fishing by the bottom or pelagic trawls under the aft trawling scheme in ice-free seas, partial processing, and transportation of ice-chilled fish to the places of reception and processing of fish on the shore.

Main data:



RS КМ (★) Ice2 (hull) Ice 1 (machinery) R1 AUT3 fishing vessel (unrestricted area is available)

Length overall, m


Breadth overall, m


Draught design, m


Power of ME, kW


Volume of cargo hold, m



12+2 (14 beds including sanitary cabin)

ADOMAT has developed a conceptual design for a stern fishing trawler pr. 222010, with the following characteristics:

1. Purpose of the vessel:

  • fishing with bottom or pelagic trawls by stern trawling scheme
  • partial processing of the catch: emboweled fish, Ice cooling
  • transportation of the catch in a chilled form to places for receiving and processing fish on the shore. Plastic box 45-50 kg. Temperature range: -7 to +2°С;
  • navigation area: not less than limited by R1, with the exception of emission control areas designated for NOx control in Tier III in accordance with Rule 13.5.1 of Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78;
  • year-round operation in ice-free seas, including in ice conditions in accordance with ice class Ice1;
  • operation at air temperatures in the range from -20° to +25°С, water – from -2° to +20°С.

2. Structural type:

  • The single-deck vessel with an enlarged forecastle; a stern slip and fishing deck; a 2.4 m high 2nd tier superstructure, offset from the midships to the fore; a wheelhouse with the control station of the vessel and the trawl complex.
  • The vessel's hull and forecastle superstructure are made of shipbuilding steel, the 2nd tier superstructure and wheelhouse are made of aluminum.
  • The hull of the vessel is divided by 5 transverse bulkheads into six waterproof compartments and has a bulbous bow shape. Cooled hold in the middle part of the hull.
  • The vessel is equipped with a diesel power plant, with a controllable pitch propeller in a fixed nozzle and a steering gear in the stern. The diameter of the CCP is 2.2 m, with the thrust of 16 tons.
  • The gearbox is equipped with two power take-offs to drive the shaft generator and the hydraulic pump. Bow thruster.
  • The fishing complex is hydraulic-powered. Two trawl winches with a pulling force of 12 tons, rope capacity 1000 m of steel cable 20.5 mm; 2 sweep-line winches with a pulling of 10 tons; two Gilson winches with a pulling force of 10 tons, two auxiliary winches with a pulling of 5 tons. The trawl complex can be equipped with a computer system "AUTOTRAWL".
  • The refrigeration unit based on a semi-hermetic piston compressor using R404A refrigerant, with hold cooling down to -7°C;
  • The folding hydraulic cargo-person crane, lifting capacity 990 kg at a reach of 6 meters.

3. The vessel is provided with the following spaces: 

forepeak, two 2-bed and two 4-bed cabins, a sanitary cabin, a galley, a mess room, a laundry room, storage rooms for dry provisions and spare parts, a deck crew locker room, a fish factory locker room, a little fish factory with an area of 25.0 m2, a fish bunker with 5.0 m3 volume, a technical room for placing waste tank equipment, a cargo hold, an engine room in the stern, a steering room, a fan room, an electrical panel room, a wheelhouse.

The external appearance of the vessel has been formed, the architecture and main structural components have been worked out, preliminary specifications have been developed, suppliers of the main equipment have been identified, and a preliminary energy balance has been calculated.

At the request of the customer, the vessel can be built with different equipment: for pelagic fishing, or long-line fishing; for transporting fish in sea water tanks, or freezer hold.